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Fireworks factory explosion

Mosta Fireworks Explosion - View from MtarfaAs I entered the house I felt a blast of air (similar to someone punching me lightly), together with 3 sequential explosions. Immediately I knew that it must have been a fireworks factory nearby.

I grabbed my camera and ran upstairs, outside on the roof, where I could see smoke shaped like a mushroom located just behind my town.

More photos can be seen on my Photo Albums page.

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How many times has it happened to you?

Instant messaging applications have changed the world. Nowadays you know when your buddy is online, you can send them a chat message and almost instantly you will get a reply back. No one would ever think about not having an IM application installed on their computer, be it Skype, GTalk, MSN Messenger and many more...

New Forums Section

Recently I have been finding that it is difficult to follow up on the comments that people are leaving on the Photopic module page. So I decided it was time to setup a forum, as a central location for storing the comments.

Photopic 0.5.4 beta released

A very short blog post, just to let you all know that I have uploaded a new version of Photopic.

On popular demand, this new version now supports the Next and Previous functionality of the lightbox2 module. When a photo is displayed, a visitor may navigate to the next or previous photo with ease.

Photopic 0.5.3 beta released

These past weeks have kept me so busy that I could not dedicate as much time as I wanted to programming and I apologise to all my Photopic fans out there...but it's my manager's fault :) hehehe Let me know if you would like to sign a petition against him giving me too much work...

Anyways, this small update adds two new checkboxes on the admin page which enable the display of album description and photo captions. By default they are switched off.

For the existing users wishing to try out the new options, I recommend that the currently installed version is disabled before installing the new version. Installation as always is simple - just upload and overwrite all the existing module files.

Photopic 0.5.2 beta released

Today I have spent a couple of minutes going through my Drupal Photopic module, removing all hard-coded css styles (missed a few from last time) and thanks to Eddy de Boer I have fixed a known issue where the module did not work correctly with Drupal clean urls switched off. I still need to do some more testing before I close the issue though.

A couple of other suggestions were also received on how I can improve and optimise the code. All of these have enabled me to learn and understand more quickly how to properly build a module for Drupal.

Thank you for all the support and encouraging comments!

Difficulty in Getting a CVS Account

I have just experienced the difficulty of applying for a CVS account on Having a CVS account I would be able to host my Drupal Photopic module on their website. Unfortunately my application was turned down ...

PhotoPic (Drupal module) - custom css

As promised, I have been working on the custom css feature of Photopic. It is now working and has been uploaded as version 0.5.0-beta.

There have been quite a number of encouraging comments about the module, so I am doing something right :) There were those who sent some tips on improving it, with others going all the way as to post info about their modified code.

In the following few weeks I will be going through all the code modifications that were sent to me and continue improving Photopic, including fixing a newly discovered bug, where the module does not work when Drupal Clean URLs are not enabled.

What I did last weekend

It is time for a small update on the little things that I did last weekend.

I have spent a couple of hours going through the code in my Photopic module and taking notes about where I need to edit to add the functionality for custom CSS styles. I also need to clean up the output HTML as mentioned in one of the comments in the Photopic project page. This will allow the user to have more control over the look and feel of the albums.

Saturday evening, was dedicated to a special friend, where we went out for a coffee in Birzebbuga, and we updated each other on the happenings of the past few weeks while I was away on holiday skiing.

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